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How to Take Charge of Your Mobile Workspace


You may be a freelance writer, designer, developer, entrepreneur, small business owner, marketer, videographer, or some other kind of “er” we’ve never heard of.  No matter where you fit in the freelance, or contract work sphere, there is one thing

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Assisted Serendipity: The Top Advantage of Coworking


In an online article published by Entrepreneur, Rameet Chawala, Founder of an award-winning development company and co-working space in Manhattan called the Fueled Collective, describes something called “assisted serendipity” as the top benefit of a co-working space.       Sounds intriguing right? At Connect Ventura,

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Picture Connect Ventura 1

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Glenn does WordPress

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Proofreading CV Style

Frank enjoying the lobby lounge experience.

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How Coworking is Changing How and Where we Work.


Watch this video on Turnstone TV about how coworking is changing how and where we work.  

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The Keys to Creative Collaboration

Who wants one? Ready to be a key holder, part of a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers, writers and creatives, sharing space, resources and connections? Send me an email, let’s get started.

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Why is Coworking Good for a City?


Why is coworking good for a city? A Cowo® presentation. View more PowerPoint from maxthemonkey This is a great overview of how coworking helps make a city a better place to live.

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Space Plan

Let the imagining begin. To give you a sense of scale, the pair of doors on the left side of the image, below the beach arrow, are six feet wide. That set of doors goes out to the parking lot.

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Coming Soon!

Hello coworking friends, Getting close, I’ll have the keys July 1. Probably going to spend most of July getting things set up, open the doors around the first of August. Still figuring out membership details. Sign up for the e-mail

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