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Procrastinating With Mastery

[photo: shutterstock]
[photo: shutterstock]
Aside from your amazing freelance skills, I’m guessing you’ve  thought to yourself you’re the master of one other thing –procrastination.

The next thing to think to one’s entrepreneurial self is, “What kind of procrastination master am I?”

Well, according to this article I recently came across in Fast Company

“Which Of These Five Types Of Procrastinator Are You?”


…I’m a hybrid ‘Dred-Filled + Overwhelmed Procrastinator’.

Curious which camp you fall in? Giving this 3-minute read is definitely worth a skim to find out.

Even more worth it, are the helpful tips on how you can overcome procrastination— no matter what your preferred style.

Of all the helpful ways on how to defeat the procrastination beast, one major thing is missing– joining a coworking office!

Read more on What is Coworking, and discover reasons why you’d be happier and more productive working together with the CV tribe than alone.

Home Sweet Coworking Home

We’re settled into our new home at the Bell Arts Factory, and couldn’t feel more cozy and happy.

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In true co-working spirit, we maximized our collective resources. By doing so, the turn out of our office is fabulous. Previouslythe space served as an art studio for abstract painter Beatrix Rohlsen. It’s rudimentary form was industrial and raw with a cement floor and exposed studs.

The seemingly daunting task of transforming the naked space into a functional office, turned into a great opportunity for us to work as a team and strengthen our bond as a community.

IMG_5290  IMG_5288

The combined manifestation powers of CV Founder Josh Addison, and our dynamo office Manager, Katrina Maksimuk helped quickly source ground level materials, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease to kickstart the project.

2 3

Noah Greer, fellow co-worker, architectural designer extraordinaire, and founding partner of Manual Labor, provided the blue-prints needed to maximize the use of existing furnishings, and flow of space within the studio.


With all available hands on deck to transport desks, chairs, various equipment, and most importantly–the coffee maker–we created an inspired, reinvented space to call our new co-working home.

To celebrate, we’re having an open invite house-warming shindig on the First Friday of June!

First-Fridays-Ventura-logo-2  3f8709_1a01504ec3d96ce6f36177859d41235d

Please join us, and the fun art festivities going on throughout Bell Arts on the evening of Friday, June 5th. We’ll be welcoming all between the loose hours of 6pm-9pm.

To honor creative connections coming full circle, we’ll be featuring the colorful art work of Beatrix Rohlsen on our freshly painted, but painfully blank walls. More juicy details to come.

We truly hope to see you there!

Connect Ventura is Moving!

Change is a coming to Connect Ventura. We’re moving our office location to the Bell Arts Factory, and are thrilled!

The Bell Arts Factory is an amazing place; a labyrinth of art studios where dozens of creatives make their home. And in a few short weeks, the Connect Ventura community of co-workers will be shacking up in this creative vortex.

The change can’t be more fitting. The very essence of co-working is to share an inspiring, collaborative space where independent thinkers and doers come together and execute passionate, visionary work.

With an abundant flow of creative energy running through every inch of our new future home, a motivating force will surely sweep through our every effort in pursuing our dreams.

More exciting details to come!

How to Take Charge of Your Mobile Workspace

Whatever you are, don’t become this guy…

You may be a freelance writer, designer, developer, entrepreneur, small business owner, marketer, videographer, or some other kind of “er” we’ve never heard of.  No matter where you fit in the freelance, or contract work sphere, there is one thing you all have in common; you work for yourself, no one else.

Continue reading How to Take Charge of Your Mobile Workspace

Assisted Serendipity: The Top Advantage of Coworking

Coworking image courtesy of

In an online article published by Entrepreneur, Rameet Chawala, Founder of an award-winning development company and co-working space in Manhattan called the Fueled Collective, describes something called “assisted serendipity” as the top benefit of a co-working space.




Sounds intriguing right? At Connect Ventura, we love this idea! Assisted serendipity is one of the many magical things that happen in co-working spaces. They are the organic chance meetings with other freelancers and remote workers who have the expertise and skills that can take your small business or start-up to the next level. Chawala describes this kind of invaluable, network connection as a “real amenity” along with fast Wi-fi and bottomless pots of coffee.


A café is not an office, and working home alone can just plain suck. But the suckiest thing about it, is not having fresh outside perspectives, problem solving insight, or motivating energy that comes from others which helps keep you focused.


A co-woking office houses a membership of individuals that can “benefit from the [co-working] brand that creates the space, the ethos it aspires to, and the people it attracts,” according to Chawala. Our ethos at Connect Ventura is to provide start-up company owners, consultants, and mobile workers an opportunity to balance their work/life scales by providing abundant operating hours in a professional space, while fostering a community of people who share it.


This means that at Connect Ventura, you’ll find that edgy graphic designer, business blogger, or brilliant webmaster you’re seeking, potentially partner with them, and offer your own stellar set of skills to become the professional puzzle piece they’re missing. Everybody wins.


Sure, flexibility, open workspaces, and room to expand are key perks in a co-working office, but as Chawala states, “the real value is in their assisted serendipity: the informal conversations and often free expert advice members are happy to offer one another.”


By now you realize we’re more than just a co-working office, we’re a community, and we want to know what you have to say. So leave a comment telling us about your challenges, or triumphs (we like good news!),  in traditional networking for your business.


At Connect Ventura at the WAV in Downtown Ventura, our goal is to provide a dynamic work environment where beneficial networks not only grow, but thrive.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to visit where assisted serendipity magic happens. Or, to discover more about the many benefits of Connect Ventura.

How Coworking is Changing How and Where we Work.

Watch this video on Turnstone TV about how coworking is changing how and where we work.


The Keys to Creative Collaboration

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