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WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Demo Post


This is a demo post after adding the plugin WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS [TBS_BUTTON color=”warning” style=”text-decoration:none” link=”” title=”A nice link title”]Short Code Examples[/TBS_BUTTON] [TBS_TOOLTIP placement=”top” title=”Watch me appear when you hover” style=”border: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 3px;”]This Could Say Anything[/TBS_TOOLTIP]

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Fix Your Stuff: Repair a MacBook Power Cord


This is a simple repair project.  The only tools are a pair of scissors.  The repair materials are rescue tape and a small zip tie.  The zip tie helps anchor the rescue tape, so the tape does not slip up the cord.

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3D Printing Explained

3d printed helix
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TinkerMaker at ConnectVentura


We’ve added a maker space at ConnectVentura – TinkerMaker. Come in to work on projects, hack hardware, and break and fix stuff. We’ve got pliers, bring batteries.  We do Arduino, etc.

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Connect Ventura
432 Ventura Ave Studio 58
Ventura CA 93001

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