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6 comments on “Contact
  1. Lizanne Chance says:

    Hi, I am interested in using your space occasionally.
    1. Do you have independent offices to use and how much does that cost?
    2. I need to use a large monitor hooked to my laptop since I do a lot of writing and graphic work. Do I need to bring my own large monitor in or do you have those on the premises?

    • Josh says:

      Hi Lizanne,

      We have a range of ways you can enjoy our coworking space and community. These range from a day pass to an office membership. Our most popular option is our monthly cafe membership. All the cost details are under membership on the site.

      You can bring in your own monitor, or we can arrange one for you. Please let us know what you need, and we’ll figure it out.

      Thank you!


  2. Hi!

    I noticed that you had a Word Press workshop a few weeks ago. Will you be having another one soon and/or is there anyone who does private tutorials?



  3. Faye-Lee Chang says:

    Have you considered opening up a 2nd location in the Woodland Hills vicinity?

  4. Katrina Maksimuk says:

    Hi Faye-Lee we are in the middle of opening a new location here in Ventura, but would love to hear about a possible location in Woodland Hills.

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