Connect Ventura is opening at a new location
We are two blocks from many of the city’s most popular restaurants and bars, ideal for lunch and dinner, as well as client entertainment.

We are on the ground floor in the commercial space of the WAV (Working Artists of Ventura) We also provide abundant free parking on site.

cv_view inside from street

We currently have a limited amount of memberships, so if you are interested, we suggest you inquire soon.

We have digital projectors and other audio/visual equipment available upon request.

We have a color laser multifunction printer that is available over the network, for your printing, scanning, and copying needs.

We buy and brew Ventura Coffee, and do our best to keep the pot fresh. We have a full kitchen and enjoy cooking tasty meals.

We have a lounge with comfortable sofas and chairs for relaxing, unwinding, taking a nap, or enjoying a game, as well as a library of books and magazines for your reading pleasure.


And most importantly, we have people. Some of the smartest, most interesting, creative, talented, and driven people in the city of Ventura, for you to work along side.

The Basics

Corner of Thompson and Ventura Ave
Connect Ventura
175 S Ventura Ave #103A
Ventura CA 93001

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