Fix Your Stuff: Repair a MacBook Power Cord

This is a simple repair project.  The only tools are a pair of scissors.  The repair materials are rescue tape and a small zip tie.  The zip tie helps anchor the rescue tape, so the tape does not slip up the cord.  Cutting the rescue tape in two strips is an important step.  The first strip creates an anchor point, the second strip completes the seal and repair.  The power cord is stronger after this repair than when new – we like that!  Rescue tape and zip ties are part of the Basics Kit – complete list coming soon.

Rescue tape is great stuff.  We first came across it at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach.  It is self sticking silicone tape.  Careful using it – once it sticks to itself it’s done.  Great for repairs that need to be waterproof.  It does not have any adhesive, that’s why we use the zip tie – to give it an anchor.  You can find it locally in Ventura at Avenue Hardware.  Have fun fixing your stuff!