WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Demo Post

This is a demo post after adding the plugin WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

[TBS_BUTTON color=”warning” style=”text-decoration:none” link=”http://worpit.com/wordpress-twitter-bootstrap-css-plugin-home/wordpress-shortcodes-demo/?src=wtb_wporg” title=”A nice link title”]Short Code Examples[/TBS_BUTTON]

[TBS_TOOLTIP placement=”top” title=”Watch me appear when you hover” style=”border: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 3px;”]This Could Say Anything[/TBS_TOOLTIP]

[TBS_POPOVER placement=”top” title=”Super Popover Title” content=”The message within the Popover” style=”border: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 3px;”]Twitter Bootstrap Popover[/TBS_POPOVER]

[TBS_COLLAPSE accordion=’y’] [TBS_COLLAPSE_GROUP title=”Click Me Title #1″ open=’n’]The hidden content for title #1[/TBS_COLLAPSE_GROUP] [TBS_COLLAPSE_GROUP title=”Click Me Title #2″ open=’n’]The content for title #2. Because open=’y’ when the page loads, I show automatically.[/TBS_COLLAPSE_GROUP] [/TBS_COLLAPSE]

[TBS_PROGRESS_BAR width=”80%” striped=”y” active=”y” color=”danger” ]This is progress![/TBS_PROGRESS_BAR]

4 thoughts on “WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Demo Post”

    1. Clean short codes, easy plug in configuration. Lots more potential with the CSS and java – deeper waters. Overall the idea of combining the clean look of Bootstrap with the cms power of WordPress is quite appealing. Looking into reshaping the site overall in that direction. Could make for a fun hackathon some weekend.

  1. Glad you like our plugin!
    We’re always working to maintain it and keep things up-to-date. If you spot something you’d like a shortcode for, or you see any little issues, please feel free to let us know any time.

    Paul, Worpit.

    1. Thanks Paul. Looking forward to using the existing short codes across the site. Also very interested in building landing pages with the Bootstrap CSS in your plugin. Not totally clear yet on how that will work with Genesis and our current child theme, still understanding the file structure and calls. As we go ahead, we’ll do some more example posts showing our work, and let you know with questions and suggestions. Great hearing from you! Josh

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