Assisted Serendipity: The Top Advantage of Coworking

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In an online article published by Entrepreneur, Rameet Chawala, Founder of an award-winning development company and co-working space in Manhattan called the Fueled Collective, describes something called “assisted serendipity” as the top benefit of a co-working space.




Sounds intriguing right? At Connect Ventura, we love this idea! Assisted serendipity is one of the many magical things that happen in co-working spaces. They are the organic chance meetings with other freelancers and remote workers who have the expertise and skills that can take your small business or start-up to the next level. Chawala describes this kind of invaluable, network connection as a “real amenity” along with fast Wi-fi and bottomless pots of coffee.


A café is not an office, and working home alone can just plain suck. But the suckiest thing about it, is not having fresh outside perspectives, problem solving insight, or motivating energy that comes from others which helps keep you focused.


A co-woking office houses a membership of individuals that can “benefit from the [co-working] brand that creates the space, the ethos it aspires to, and the people it attracts,” according to Chawala. Our ethos at Connect Ventura is to provide start-up company owners, consultants, and mobile workers an opportunity to balance their work/life scales by providing abundant operating hours in a professional space, while fostering a community of people who share it.


This means that at Connect Ventura, you’ll find that edgy graphic designer, business blogger, or brilliant webmaster you’re seeking, potentially partner with them, and offer your own stellar set of skills to become the professional puzzle piece they’re missing. Everybody wins.


Sure, flexibility, open workspaces, and room to expand are key perks in a co-working office, but as Chawala states, “the real value is in their assisted serendipity: the informal conversations and often free expert advice members are happy to offer one another.”


By now you realize we’re more than just a co-working office, we’re a community, and we want to know what you have to say. So leave a comment telling us about your challenges, or triumphs (we like good news!),  in traditional networking for your business.


At Connect Ventura at the WAV in Downtown Ventura, our goal is to provide a dynamic work environment where beneficial networks not only grow, but thrive.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to visit where assisted serendipity magic happens. Or, to discover more about the many benefits of Connect Ventura.