How to Take Charge of Your Mobile Workspace

Whatever you are, don’t become this guy…

You may be a freelance writer, designer, developer, entrepreneur, small business owner, marketer, videographer, or some other kind of “er” we’ve never heard of.  No matter where you fit in the freelance, or contract work sphere, there is one thing you all have in common; you work for yourself, no one else.

It’s a great feeling. But, I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the major challenges that come with going down the independent business road–especially when forced to work from home, coffee shops, or public libraries.

Infinite distractions at home, suckered for a spot by an outlet at the coffee house, spotty WiFi, or the creepy guy sitting across from you in the library–all these problems can come at a severe cost. You lose both time and money from the work your not doing.

Put these obstacles in your mobile office past by becoming a member of a shared co-working space.

The best way to take charge of your independent business needs, is to get yourself looped into a co-working office space like we have at Connect Ventura in Downtown Ventura.

If the above scenarios are not enough reason for you to ditch your  distracting, lonely home office, or the onslaught of espresso noise and chatter at your neighborhood Starbucks–then here’s just a few more shared office perks to change your mind:

  • Free coffee to fuel your inspiration or get the last minute project done
  • Secure, high-speed WiFi to collaborate, research, or have virtual meetings
  • Print copies of that important business proposal
  • Scan and send important faxes, minus the wait at Fed-ex
  • Conduct video or phone conferences sans the dirty looks from librarians
  • Great eco-friendly environment that helps you reduce your carbon footprint
  • Awesome new friends and connections you never knew you had

You might be thinking, “Gee, that all sounds great…but, I’m sure it costs an arm and a leg, and maybe even my other arm and leg.” Wrong.

Your membership with Connect Ventura, like your business, is on your terms.

So take charge, meet that deadline, close that deal, or seal that partnership distraction free in a positive, professional work space.

We care about your success, and we want to hear your story about working on your own. Leave a comment telling us about the joys, challenges and all the experiences in between you’ve had while trying to be a CEO of one.

If you know someone who could benefit from an awesome co-working environment, be a good friend, and share this post with them. They’ll thank you.