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The idea to not call yourself a “Freelancer” when you work as one is weird.

But according to this 5-minute read on

Why I Stopped Calling Myself A “Freelancer”

…the last thing you want to professionally label yourself is exactly that.

I’m not sure about you, but personally it’s a struggle to always hold myself in that truly professional regard, maintain the confidence it takes to get the top paying gigs, awesome projects, and earn the kind of rates I want to rake in from freelance work.

Here’s a snippet from the article on what I mean:

It’s easy to fall victim… to feeling like an impostor—someone who’s just pretending to be a business owner. So while “freelancer” may be more akin to how you see what you do, it might be selling you short. After all, your livelihood doesn’t depend on your own self-perception, but on how potential clients see you and your work.

Following the simple advice of not calling yourself a “Freelancer”–but rather, “A Professional [insert specialty skill here] for Hire– could prevent that lurking bit of doubt to transmit from you to a potential client.

Apart from what you call yourself, something else that makes anyone who works for themselves feel more like a pro is getting busy in a coworking office.

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